Buzz Lange's Safe House

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Side Door: Alley

If you want to slip out for a quickie, here are some URLs that are clean. Flash your badge number at STIFF to get back in again. Don't look for him--He'll find you.

Take this URL to the Safe Links Page..
Safe Links
This one goes to the Ultra Weapons Section..
Do you have a story you're witholding? Get your papers in order..
Interrigations (Docs for Now)
Equipment Rack: Audio/Video

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Yes, this really is Gina, and yes, she's got all her clothes on. I'm wearing a Mig 29 flight jacket, and that's the current Russian flag, but let's not mention that now.

I've had a very exciting day, and I know you'll probably want to poke around a bit before you settle into your quarters. The Safe House Computer will give you full access to all facilities. If you need to leave the Safe House for any reason, take your Visitor Badge Number with you. It's your one and only key to get back in again.

Gina's just back from a hot assignment in the East where she's learned a new form of Tantric Torture, so I'll be debriefing her in the Private Lounge. Why don't you be a good sport and run along now. There's enough stuff around here to keep you busy for quite a while.

Here's a great idea:  Hit the link below and remember the KeyWord: Tour..
Tour the Safe House

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