The Pensive Alchemist
The Alchemical Delima    Fig 1
Raising Metals    Fig 2
Research Follows Nature    Fig 3
Cooking    Fig 4
The Secret Fire    Fig 5
Washing Latona    Fig 6
Correct Proportion    Fig 7
Mars and Venus Enter the Fire    Fig 8
Search for the "Golden Fleece"    Fig 9
The Sun and the Moon Must Copulate    Fig 10
Copulate in Water To Procreate    Fig 11
Male and Female Water    Fig 12
The Hermes Tree    Fig 13
Guard and Watch    Fig 14
Father Time    Fig 15
The Rays of Sun and Moon    Fig 16
Rising Vapors    Fig 17
Water Dissolves and Reduces    Fig 18
Green and Red Lions    Fig 19
The Fixed Sun and Moon    Fig 20
The King Swimming in the Water    Fig 21
Introducing Water Mercury to Mineral Mercury    Fig 22
Sewing Your Gold    Fig 23
The End of the Work    Fig 24
The Alchemist May Now Rest    Fig 25